Problems with the Serpentine Belt


New member
Apr 18, 2023
First post, i am new to Sequoias but not to toyotas, anyways i took my 2002 4wd Sequoia SR5 to get timing belt and lower ball joints done plus tu check for anymore issues to be done, i just bought it February 2023 with 180k original miles. One day before taking it to the mechanic i noticed a humming noise coming from the engine, upon inspection i noticed the serpentine belt was "eaten" from the inside (towards the engine if that makes sense) So i told the mechanic and he said he would take a look at it. Long story short he could not get the original serpentine belt on so we bought a tensioner and still he could not get the original belt on so he put on a slightly longer belt, fast foward a few hours and the noise is back again, the brand new belt is again "eating" on the inside and the power steering fluid is spilling all over the place.

This guy is not my main mechanic but a new one a friend recommended because my main guy hurt his hand, i had a trip planned and now i am left wondering what could be wrong, the mechanic said all the pulleys are fine but i dont trust the guy to take it back to him. Any Thoughts??

If anyone is wondering it was a faulty fan pulley bracket, hope this helps someone in the future if they are having issues with their serpentine belt no aligning well.