Full-time 4WD vs auto 4WD


Staff member
Jan 25, 2022
The Sequoia will have the tried-and-true lever for engaging 2WD, 4WD, and 4WD low. However, The TRD Pro will come standard with full-time 4WD. How does this differ from an auto-4 wheel drive system?
2wd / part time has less wear on components, potentially better gas mileage (have not seen specs). Being a land cruiser guy that happens to own a 2015 sequoia, I prefer AWD / full time, just cuz. The full time will come with the center diff lock, but the part time incorporates that anyway. The full time will come with low range a well. In all daily driving practicality, no real difference unless driving on slick conditions - many will not switch to 4wd and suffer for it, AWD is awesome for the slick stuff. For off-road - saves you time moment to have to switch... Also, for big trucks, AWD means much less power sliding, dirt drifting - the front wheels pull you out of everything.