2023 Toyota Sequoia Pricing Released!


Pricing for the all-new 2023 Toyota Sequoia was announced by Autoblog this morning. The base price of the Sequoia surprised us on the low side, but the Sequoia TRD Pro shocked us on the high side! The Base price starts at $59,795 and the TRD Pro comes in at $78,395!

"Then we come to pricing. The Sequoia starts at $59,795, including the destination charge. That's between $5,000 and $6,000 more than the Ford and Chevy. The TRD Pro's $78,395 price tag also comes well above the Expedition Timberline and Tahoe Z71, even when the latter is outfitted with the optional 6.2-liter V8 and adaptive air and magnetic suspension. To be fair, the TRD Pro comes with a number of standard features that likely make it more capable than the Americans off road, such as the electronic locking rear differential, Fox shocks and Crawl Control (off-road cruise control). The Capstone comes in at $76,795 with the standard two-wheel drive. That puts it a couple thousand north of the Tahoe High Country, and and few thousand below the top Ford Expedition Platinum. It’s basically even with the range-topping Wagoneer, but well short of the much fancier Grand Wagoneer."
The base price doesn't seem bad at all, but $78,395 seems a little pricey for the TRD Pro?

Here's another chart of the price for each model:

ModelPrice (Including $1,495 Destination Fee)
SR5 4x2$59,795
SR5 4x4$62,795
Limited 4x2$66,195
Limited 4x4$69,195
Platinum 4x2$72,395
Platinum 4x4$75,395
TRD Pro 4x4$78,395
Capstone 4x2$76,795
Capstone 4x4$79,795