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Feb 23, 2023
Hello all. Just joined this forum. We own a 2016 Sequoia Platinum. Love it. It's been the best auto that I have owned. My second best was a Tundra. And we have had many others through the years. We purchased a new Winnebago Travel trailer last year and are pulling it with the Sequoia. It handles it well but I am looking at purchasing a new set of tires that are a little more rugged than what we have now. We currently have a set of Bridgestone Dueler's HL. P275/55 R20. These have been great tires. This is the second set of tires I have put on this vehicle. But am looking for a tire with a more aggressive tread and also want at least a 10 ply side wall. I have been looking around and would appreciate any ideas of what would work well for us. The Dueler's are a passenger tire and with the trailer load you can feel a bit of tire movement due to the flexible sidewalls. So looking for something a little stiffer in an LT type tire. Our ride is pretty soft thanks to the airbag levelers. So I don't think a stiffer tire will really hurt the ride.