Missing TRD Skid Plate

Have new 2023 Sequoia Limited 4x4 w/TRD Off Road for 2 weeks. There was no TRD front skip plate installed when took delivery. Toyota’s package content lists one on website, and also on my Monroney label. Identified issue to Toyota consumer affairs and no response to resolve - only that their looking into it. Anyone else have this issue?


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Hi - just making sure that you're not expecting this fancy "TRD Pro" skid plate on your Sequoia Limited trim, is that correct?
This thick aluminum skid plate comes by default only on the Sequoia "TRD Pro" trim.
The other Sequoia trims with the "TRD Off-Road" package only comes with a flimsy steel skid plate that is probably 1/4th the length of its fancy TRD Pro cousin! :cool:

However, you can buy and install the TRD Pro skid plate (and it is a direct fit on other trims and needs no modifications to the frame).
Here’s the rub. When you build a 2023 Sequoia on Toyota’s website, you automatically get a skid plate that was mentioned (flimsy) added to the vehicle when a 4X4 powertrain choice is selected. There is another skid plate specifically mentioned in the TRD Off-Road kit as an upgrade in that package. What’s the difference in them? There’s not. But you are paying for a supplemental skid plate specifically listed in that package. Error im sure in their listing, but still needs to be explained. I didn’t get either the flimsy or TRD Pro style skid plate.