Hello Sequoia Maniacs


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May 29, 2023
eaglerock ca
I bought my 2001 Sequoia maybe 5 years ago as a once a year family camping and Home Depot vehicle. Bought it with 105,000 miles for $4900 I think. Just used my credit card. First time I never financed a car. I knew it drove really well and smooth and would work for what I wanted, not driving much. Eight cylinders? Wow old school. It was a limited with leather. It came with 3rd row seats, but I just gave them to the dealer. Did not want them. I had owned a 4WD Toyota truck years ago so I trusted Toyota.
Weeks later, as I did some research(and strangers started coming up to me and saying I had one of those) I realized it was a special vehicle. SUV of the year in 2001. I just could not believe how well it cruised and ran. Initially I took short trips and was nervous. But now I have taken trips which were 8 hour drives. No problem. I had read that was one of the best engines ever made and could go 300,000 miles. Great.

I love that vehicle. I don't plan on ever selling it. I am sure you can relate.

I wanted to find a forum cause I have some Sequoia related questions(read latch :>)) and this looked like a good place.
Welcome to the forum! We are a new community but activity is slowing picking up around here.