2024 Rear Climate


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Apr 7, 2024
I will try my best to explain this and I am desperate for some answers…
The two heating/cooling vents on the back of my center console are NOT controlled with the rear climate controls. They only match what the driver and passenger temps and fan speeds are set to.
So, the middle row passengers can only control the ceiling vents, not the ones directly in front of them next to their rear climate controls.
I went to the dealership and the sales man told me that’s how it’s designed. I’m having an extremely hard time accepting this! 1. How would that be 3 climate zones? 2. Why would the rear have an upper and lower mode if you can only control the upper?
I can have the rear climate set to “HI” temp and the front passenger and driver set to “LO”. The vents on the back of the center console facing middle row blow cold and the ceiling will blow hot. If the middle row turns their climate off, they still get heat or air from the back of center console vents.
I really need someone to tell me if their car does exactly this or if your back lower vents are controlled by rear climate.
I’m just having a hard time believing this is how it’s supposed to be for 3 climate zones… this is more like 2.5.
I don’t know anyone with a sequoia and no dealership ever has one for me to see what other vehicles do.
I have a 2023 sequoia with the same issue. If the rear passengers want it warm but the front is set very cool, I have to reach back and close those 2 vents otherwise cold air will blow on them. I showed a Toyota tech at a service center and they didn’t have a clue why it was like that but said if I left my car with them for a few days they would escalate it to Toyota. I didn’t have time for all that so at my next service appointment I will raise the issue again and see if they are aware of a fix or something.