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Jan 14, 2024
New to the forum and thought I would share some of my experiences with owning the new 2023 Sequoia. Interesting enough the only reason I went with the new Sequoia was towing capacity for our 5400# surf/ski boat. My poor old chevy half ton just couldn't cut it anymore at the boat ramps. So, when the new Sequoia was introduced, I started exploring the web for anything related to this vehicle. So, I contacted my local dealer in July of 22 and they said they didn't know when they would have any in stock and that I could be added to a list. Turns out I was number eleven. The dealer asked what model "limited" color, and options I wanted on my Sequoia but will probably be at the mercy of whatever Toyota sends them. The dealer thought it would be around six months to a year for my delivery in white. Well, I received it on July 3rd, 2023, matching the color and options that I wanted. It was also shipped with $5000 of additional options that I didn't need so you can imagine what the MSRP was. Currently I have only one keyfob the second a month later which I'm still waiting for.

Now the beast has 3100 miles and have towed the boat many times this past summer. It tows really nice with tons of power and enjoyable to drive. It took me a little while to get the straight path figured out and now it's a breeze to back down the ramp. The combined gas mileage is poor just driving around town, but I figured as with most vehicles it takes a while and additional mileage to see that improve.
I had to read the manual several times to figure out all the new technology. FYI There are some 2022 tundra videos out there on YouTube that helped. It would be nice if the manufactures would offer a video of the manual to physically show you how to use these newer features.

The only issue I'm experiencing now on this new model year is I'm getting a warning notification stating that a warning light is turned on. The light appeared to be switching from 2 wheel to 4 wheel back in forth. Then for no reason the light just quit. I received an email from my dealer that day that if the light stays on then contact them for service. When purchased my dealer told me to bring it back at 5000 miles to rotate the tires and look it over. That's when I'll be bring it in for this warning.

Has anybody else been experiencing this?
I know this is a new designed model year and hope that my Sequoia doesn't give me any trouble or multiple trips to the dealer. If anyone has had any unexpecting problems, please share for us 1st time Toyota buyers.

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Jan 25, 2022
Great looking setup and I'm glad to hear it tows well! I haven't heard of the issue you are having, but maybe someone else can chime in that has.