Hello fellow Sequoias


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Jul 2, 2024
New to the group and in desperate need of some advice. Had horn issue and replaced clock spring. No horn. Found out I could tap off the ground of the cruise control to the steering wheel and voila….horn. But now I have an airbag light I cannot get rid of.

Thinking I could just order another clock spring on eBay, I looked and found many that said they fit 2003 Sequoia Limited. I ordered a few since they were cheap enough ($25-40) Almost all of them had some variation of plugs, blades, airbag connection. I even ordered from ToyotaPartsDeal.com. ($252) Provided my vin # and still received something different than what I had. Then to make things worse they refused to take it back because it was ‘electrical’. I could not even install it.

How do you avoid getting something different than what you need?

Item on left is oem, on the right what ToyotaPartsDeal.com sent


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